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Available On: Tablets, Smartphones & Web.

Syllabus Tracker

Syllabus Tracker is a Web-based Software for Teachers and Schools to Plan, Manage, and Track the Lesson Plans efficiently. Our Lesson Plan Management Software turns the tedious task of Lesson Planning into an absolutely remarkable experience for the teachers. This Software helps teachers to create and choose attractive Lesson Plan Templates for designing the standardized Lesson Plans for every topic. It provides an option to add rich media text, links and videos to lesson plans, therefore, enriching the Teaching Process.

Syllabus Tracker is a seamless integration of Time Table Management and Lesson Plan Management Software which helps in managing and tracking the entire Academic Year’s Lesson Plans. It helps the School Principal to keep a track on the Syllabus Status of each Class. This Software help Teachers receive constructive feedback for their Lesson Plans, and work towards its improvement.

What we offer ?
Real-Time Notification
Effective Teaching Aid
Ready-to-use Templates
Efficient Feedback System
Easy to View and Search Lessons
Print Lesson Plan with a Click of a Button
Re-Useable Lesson Plans
Easy to upload Teaching Resources
Efficient in managing Enormous Content
Maintain Transparency in Teaching Process
Access Lesson Plans from Anywhere! Anytime!
Helpful for Teachers who join during Mid-Session
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Helps in Timely Completion of the School Syllabus
Notifies Syllabus Status to Parents’
Principals can keep a Track on their Teachers’ Lesson Plan Reports
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Ginormous Technologies’ Scholar Analytics is listed as “Honorable Mention” at the Microsoft® Wall of Frame under the “Citizen Service” Category at Code for Honor Category in the Microsoft® Solution Excellence Awards ‘2014.

Ginormous Technologies, on June 7, 2014, introduced its marvelous Transport App – Android based Transport Management Solution.

On April 10, 2014, Ginormous Technologies introduced Scholar Analytics’ Android App Solution for Parents, Teachers, and School Admin.

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