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> Improves Bus Routing and Scheduling

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real time child tracking software
Available On: Tablets, Smartphones & Web.

Child Tracker

Child Tracker is an All-In-One Transport Management Software to efficiently manage Routing, Scheduling, and Tracking of the School bus. We aim to digitalize the day-to-day process of School transportation, and helps to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of the school transport. Google Map integrated, our Transport Management Software help schools to choose and develop the shortest and the safest route for school transport, and helps in optimizing time and saving cost.

Child Tracker helps schools keep a track of the school bus location, speed, and time in commutation. Our GPS Enabled Transport Management Software helps parents to stay tension-free by providing them with SMS Alerts about their child’s boarding and de-boarding the school bus. Our Transport Management Software is synchronized with SMS Notification System, and automatic SMS Alerts are sent to parents is case of emergency.

Special Features
Streamline Bus Routing and Scheduling
Reduces Maintenance Cost and Fuel Cost
Transportation Fees and Record Management
Manage Bus Details, Driver Details, and Student Details
Access Transport Reports and Records – Anytime! Anywhere!
Track Rules compliance by Drivers
Easy to Plan and Manage Route Map
Smart Dashboard for Parents and the School
Parents and School Can Track the Bus Location
SMS Alerts on Child’s Boarding & De-boarding the School Bus
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Track the School Bus Location on Your Smart Phone
Instant SMS Alerts on Child’s Boarding and De-Boarding the School Bus
Mobile App Solution for Marking Student’s Attendance in the School Bus
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Ginormous Technologies’ Scholar Analytics is listed as “Honorable Mention” at the Microsoft® Wall of Frame under the “Citizen Service” Category at Code for Honor Category in the Microsoft® Solution Excellence Awards ‘2014.

Ginormous Technologies, on June 7, 2014, introduced its marvelous Transport App – Android based Transport Management Solution.

On April 10, 2014, Ginormous Technologies introduced Scholar Analytics’ Android App Solution for Parents, Teachers, and School Admin.

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